05 Jan 2018
Where can I get skin treatment for acne scars in Florida?

If you are tired of having unsightly scars that have resulted from acne, safe and effective skin treatment for acne scars in Florida is available.

As people age, scars left behind by acne become more noticeable. This is partly because skin loses collagen, a protein made up of essential amino acids that keeps skin looking youthful and vibrant. Since fewer collagen fibers are produced with age, the key to effective treatment for acne scarring is to select the best treatment method for each individual and their type of scarring.

There are many types of skin treatment for acne scars in Florida available. However, all have the ability to fade depressions in the skin and diminish the raised appearance of the scars. Treatments can include dermal fillers, laser treatments, light therapy and skin rejuvenation, minor skin surgeries, and chemical peels. All of these can be performed by a doctor in a medical office.

There is a lot of information on the internet about resolving acne scarring on your own at home. However, a dermatologist should examine your skin for the best results. A professional is trained in the various types of acne scarring and can determine the best methods to resolve it. Moreover, patients can sometimes find that their “acne scarring” is actually a different skin problem.

Is there skin treatment for acne scars in Florida?

Are You Seeking Skin Treatment for Acne Scars in Florida?

Wellington MD has expert knowledge on providing aesthetic skin treatments and the most efficient methods for treating acne scarring. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Lipari. With the right treatment, you can get your skin looking beautiful and free from the aftermath of acne.