Light Therapy

Are you concerned with acne, inflammation, problem skin, collagen production, or unwanted fat?

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Reverse the effects of aging, genetics, hormones, skin damage and your lifestyle.

Cause: Aging, Genetics, Hormones, Damaged Skin, Lifestyle

WellingtonMD will offer LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes), producing a constant source of high density and high-intensity pure light at a specific color/wavelength. Used in combination with other aesthetic treatments, light therapy can help enhance results. LED light therapy improves skin health on a cellular level, promoting elastin and collagen production by stimulating the cells to work harder. This results in improved circulation, extending the lifetime of cells and reducing inflammation, which leads to a marked improvement in the skin condition. WellingtonMD will offer two types of light therapy: red and blue, both serving different purposes.

Red Light

Enhances cell stimulation and proliferation, promoting skin regeneration and reducing inflammation. Utilized for circumferential reduction by inducing a reaction in the fat cells, resulting in fat loss through the body’s natural biologic process.

Blue Light

Promotes oxygen production to destroy acne bacteria.

Red and blue light may be used separately or in combination with each other. Using the light therapies together has proven to be highly effective in maximizing results.

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