22 Dec 2017
Can I get low t treatment in Florida?

Much of a man’s health is integrated with the amount of testosterone his body produces. Unfortunately, testosterone levels consistently drop with age, with a man’s body producing about 1% less testosterone every year after the age of 30. While there is not a whole lot that a man can do on his own to stop this from happening, there is a solution for this common issue through low t treatment in Florida.

What Happens When Testosterone Levels Are Low?

Low testosterone levels have numerous effects on a man’s body. One such consequence of low t is a decrease in sexual performance, as well as sexual desire. This is because sperm production is a never-ending job for your body that requires a steady supply of testosterone.

Furthermore, testosterone levels affect behavioral traits and physical features. As a result of low t, a man may notice a drop in his competitive spirit. Additionally, he may experience loss of both body and facial hair, loss of muscle mass, and a decreased metabolism. Testosterone helps a man’s body to burn fat more effectively, so it is not uncommon for men with low t to experience steady weight gain. With a loss in muscle mass, a man will see once toned muscles begin to lose definition.

Receive Low T Treatment in Florida

Dr. Lipari of Wellington MD is a highly-qualified doctor with the expertise needed to effectively treat low testosterone. Let his knowledge of low t get you back to feeling healthier and more rejuvenated than ever. Contact Wellington MD today to schedule a consultation for low t treatment in Florida.

Where can I get low t treatment in Florida?