Reasons for Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Why men may need Testosterone Replacement Therapy

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Why men may need Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Men’s sex hormone levels decline 1% each year after the age of 30 and the impact is gradually felt in loss of energy, muscle, sex drive and erectile dysfunction. Testosterone is considered the “hormone of sexual desire”.

Men who receive testosterone hormone therapy look and feel younger. Patients report a dramatic increase in sex drive, duration and quality of their erections. Erections became firmer and sensation and desire to engage in sex had a profound impact on their relationships and quality of life. Increasing low testosterone levels helps to improve mood, memory and sleep. Men are able to build stronger leaner muscle and increase bone strength which helps treat osteoporosis.

Testosterone Hormone Therapy is used to replace or restore your hormones to optimal, healthy levels. Hormone Replacement Specialists, Endocrinologists, Urologists and Anti-Aging Doctors all agree that men and women age because their hormone levels decline. This creates an imbalance or deficiency that prevents your body from properly maintaining, healing and repairing itself resulting in the signs and symptoms of aging. Through hormone optimization and a healthy lifestyle, a person can help prevent and even reverse many of the negative impacts of aging, which is why many Age Management Physicians offer holistic treatment programs that incorporate natural hormone therapies with anti-aging supplements, exercise, weight loss and stress management programs.

Balanced Testosterone levels are essential maintaining a healthy strong body and when these hormone levels are low, both men and women experience adverse health conditions that are normally attributed to aging:

  • Low Sex Drive – Libido
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Softer, Weaker Erections
  • Loss of Energy and Fatigue
  • Loss of Lean Muscle Mass
  • Mood Swings and Irritability
  • Excessive or Rapid Weight Gain
  • Depression, Sadness or Withdrawal
  • Sleep Disturbances, Insomnia, Night Sweats
  • Memory Loss, Inability to Focus or Concentrate
  • Loss of Ambition, Drive and Enthusiasm for Life

Testosterone Treatment is not for Bodybuilders and Athletic Performance. Boosting testosterone for enhancing athletic performance, weightlifting or bodybuilding competitions are not approved uses for prescription testosterone replacement therapy. While it is true that in order to increase their muscle mass sports competitors will combine HGH and Testosterone with other anabolic steroids, prescription testosterone should not be used for that purpose.

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