Low Testosterone in Men

Testosterone and Male Aging

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Testosterone Therapy can successfully replenish low testosterone levels in men. Most men who enroll in a Testosterone Replacement Program experience a variety of positive treatment results including a dramatic increase in their sex drive, a desire to have more sex, increased muscle mass, reduced belly fat, weight loss, better sleep, improved mental functioning, increased drive and ambition, elevated mood and an enthusiasm for daily life.

How Doctors Treat Low Testosterone

Testosterone Replacement Therapy uses 3 types of prescription drug medication:


This hormone is used to optimize your levels of testosterone, it is either prescribed as an injection, patch, pellet implant, cream or gel. WellingtonMD practices gold standard therapy, therefore, we only offer injection therapy.


Injectable or ODT HCG is a hormone used to prevent testicular shrinkage (atrophy) and maintain a man’s natural production of testosterone. It is prescribed and taken either during your treatment cycle or post treatment.

Estrogen Blockers or Inhibitors

Armidex or Anastrazole is an anti-estrogen hormone drug. It is used to control the estrogen levels that may become elevated while on testosterone replacement because excess testosterone naturally converts to estrogen in a man’s blood – known as aromatization.

It is prescribed in a pill or tablet form.

Low Testosterone in Men

To determine whether you are a candidate for a testosterone therapy, you will consult with an experienced hormone physician and undergo a physical examination. Your doctor will review your medical history, order hormone lab tests and perform a medical evaluation. If you qualify for TRT, the potential benefits, any possible risks and side effects will be discussed with you so you can make an informed decision about taking hormone replacement therapy.

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